Significant week for PSHE in Parliament

17th July 2015

This week has seen PSHE grab the headlines and attention of MPs in Parliament, with the introduction of  a ten minute rule motion debated in the House of Commons and a response from the Government to the Education Select Committee’s call to make PSHE compulsory in state schools.

The ten minute rule motion was tabled by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, but supported across the parties, with the first reading passing with 183 in favour and 44 against. This means there will be a second reading, scheduled for 22nd January 2016. A positive step to keep momentum on the call for statutory PSHE.

In addition, the Education Select Committee also received a response from the Government concerning it’s recommendation to make PSHE compulsory. This time the outcome was not as hoped, with the Department for Education further delaying a decision to commit to compulsory PSHE in the classroom.

Kris Hallenga, Founder of CoppaFeel! and #RETHINKCANCER campaigner, was disappointed that the progress made earlier in the week was not continued with this announcement, “we had hoped for better news but remain positive that PSHE is still supported widely across parties and will continue to support efforts to make this a requirement in all state school classrooms. Without PSHE having protected time on the National Curriculum, cancer education remains outside of the school environment and this just isn’t good enough. We need to #RETHINKCANCER by taking the conversation to our young people and equipping them with the tools to detect cancer early and form positive lifestyle habits.”