A new year is upon us…

11th January 2016

Looking forward to 2016

So it seems 2015 has come and gone rather quickly and we find ourselves at the start of a brand new year! Since our last blog update, our small team has been very busy (not just eating mince pies) supporting our pilot schools and catching up with the cancer community at the Britain Against Cancer conference.

We have 17 schools in England who have taken the challenge upon themselves to explore how they could teach cancer education with a sample of their pupils. We have received lots of interesting lesson plans and evaluation forms from the teachers, who we are proud to say are committed to continuing to include this subject in their school. The data is still coming in but watch this space, as we will soon be looking at how student’s awareness of signs and symptoms, risk factors and behaviors has been influenced. Results will be published in the Spring.

The Britain Against Cancer conference provided a great opportunity to connect with the wider cancer community and hear how the NHS and government are committed to increasing early diagnosis and improving the cancer services we have in the UK. Awareness campaigns were mentioned as a vital part of working towards better cancer outcomes, something we believe to be true. However, it is not enough to hope that these campaigns will reach everyone and provoke action. Education in schools can provide that foundation early on to empower, educate and develop habits; in turn equipping our adults of the future.

So 2016 looks to be another exciting year of collaborating, exploring and campaigning! We wish you a productive start to the year and look forward to updating you all again soon!